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We are pleased to announce our online store…
Welcome to our world -- it’s your first step toward making your dream a reality.
Escape from the stress of everyday living by creating a breathtaking oasis in your backyard—whether it be a luscious pond or soothing fountain, nothing calms the soul better than the sound of running water!
Let us help you create yours today!
Creative Water Gardens is California’s Largest Pond & Water Garden Store. Owners Deni and Patrick Sullivan bring first-hand knowledge to Creative Water Gardens from careers in landscape construction, but the creativity you'll experience here can only be born of a true passion for what they do. “Bring in a sketch or measurements and we’ll teach you what to do”. CONTACT US about your project and receive our newsletter!

All the supplies needed to create a beautiful pond and water garden with quality equipment is available here. At Creative Water Gardens our goal is to educate you about the process as well as the product - We want you to be proud of the breathtaking project you are about to create!
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Fountains &
Garden Art

Come enjoy the soothing sound of trickling water from 100+ fountains displayed in beautifully landscaped vignettes. Not sure what size or style fountain would complement your yard? Just bring in some measurements and let us assist you! We offer many ideas as well as inspiration to water garden enthusiasts. Fountains and garden art selections are added and sold daily, providing a constant source of new and unique items. We strive to offer you selection you will not see anywhere else!
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Aquatic Plants
& Fish

Creative Water Gardens offers numerous varieties of aquatic plants for you to choose from. We’ll gladly assist you with selecting appropriate plants for your pond location and depth. To complete your pond, Creative Water Gardens sells affordable koi, fancy goldfish and a large selection of fish supplies. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of fish health, and our ability to provide you with free microscopic fish disease analysis and treatment regimen, as well as free water testing.
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For a fraction of the cost of having a pond built, Creative Water Gardens can help you create your own backyard haven. Or, if you’re struggling with an existing pond, come have your questions answered. Knowledgeable, experienced staff can assist you with FREE personalized service. CWG will teach you about pond building and maintenance, pumps and filters, UV clarifier lights, pond liner and more. CWG sells all the supplies needed for a clear, healthy, low energy pond. We are here Tues-Sat year round to assist you with your questions and concerns.

Creative Water Gardens - 19777 McHenry Ave., Escalon, CA 95320

Open Tuesdays through Saturday at 9am

(209) 838-8650